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Fun Spot America Theme Parks Policies & FAQs

For specific details on the policies and guidelines of Fun Spot America’s two parks, please select from the list below. If you have any questions about our park policies, simply contact one of our friendly Fun Spot Representatives and we’ll get you the answers you need fast! Weapons of any kind are not allowed at Fun Spot America Theme Parks. Also, see our frequently asked questions for general information about the parks.

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Can I go to both parks on the same day with my armband?

If you want to visit both our Orlando and Kissimmee park in one day, there is only a $10.00+tax fee per armband.

Are dogs allowed in the park?

We do allow dogs on the property.

Am I able to upgrade my Single Day Pass to a Season Pass?

Yes! All you do is pay the difference.

When I purchase my tickets online on Fun Spot's website, do I have to use them the same day?

You do not have to use them the same day, but they do expire in a year. We do need to see the purchaser’s ID and credit card to redeem your tickets.

If I have already purchased my tickets, do I still have wait in line?

Once you purchase your tickets, you have to show your printed voucher or you can also show it on your phone at one of our many ticket windows to redeem your tickets.

Do you have an unlimited go-kart armband?

Our Single Day Pass allows you to ride go-karts, roller coasters, thrill rides & kiddie rides unlimited. We do have a Sampler Armband sold in-park that allows you to ride any 4 rides of your choice one time.

Do you need closed toed shoes to ride in the park?

The only ride that requires closed toed shoes is the Funhouse in Orlando.

Does Fun Spot America have water rides?

We have a Splash Zone area and we also have the Bumper Boats that have water cannons.

Does Fun Spot America offer discounts?

We offer Florida Resident, Military, and Senior Citizen discounts.

What is a Chauffeur Pass?

The Chauffeur Pass allows an adult 18 or older to accompany a child that is under 54 inches on rides where they do not meet the height requirement. There are some restrictions. Please check the rides for each park to see which rides you are able to ride with the chauffeur pass.

Does Fun Spot America offer lockers?

We currently do not have lockers, but at each ride we have places where we set down your belongings.

Can my children go to Fun Spot America without me?

Visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

Do you offer assistance for guests that have difficulty walking?

Yes, Scooterbug Mobility provides electric scooter rentals and wheelchair rentals on a first come/first served basis.

Do you offer strollers?

Yes, Scooterbug Mobility provides stroller rentals for parents of small children or infants.

What are the height requirements?

Height requirements for the rides are located on the park maps, which can be found in the Orlando or Kissimmee sections of the website.

How much does it cost if I'm not riding anything?

Our Free Admission means that there is NO Cost to come in and watch others enjoying the rides. So if you are not riding, you are not paying. It is FREE!

Do I need a single day pass if all I am doing is driving my child on the go-karts?

If a child is not tall enough to drive themselves on a ride/go-kart, then someone over 18 may drive them IF the driver has either a MEGA Fun Pass, Fun Pass pass OR a Chauffeur pass which permits you to drive a child and only ride with or drive a child on rides they cannot ride without an adult. The cost of a Chauffeur pass is only $9.95+tax.

Is the arcade included in the single day pass?

No, the arcade is not included in a single day pass.
With our arcade you pay per game with a Fun E-Card that you can load money onto. Game prices vary from $.25 to $2.00.

Is the Skycoaster ride included in the single day pass?

One (1) Skycoaster flight is included in the Mega Fun Pass only. The Skycoaster is a unique, one of a kind ride. To ride the Skycoaster by yourself, it costs $40, BUT if you have already purchased a Fun Pass, you may include the Skycoaster for only an additional $20.

What happens when it rains?

Fun Spot has lots of options when it rains. First of all we can offer you a rain check, if you have had a Fun or Mega day pass for less than 90 minutes. So you can go and come another day. If you wish to stay you can continue to ride the rides that operate in the rain and wait for the other rides that are affected by the rain to reopen. We are open until midnight daily.

Can I bring in my own food?

We do allow you to bring in your own birthday Cake if you are having a birthday celebration. Other than that we ask for no outside food or drink in our park. We are free admission, it is easy to leave the park and return after eating as long as your armband remains on your wrist. Of course, once you see our fun food options, we hope to tempt you into staying and recharging here.

Can I leave and come back?

With Free Admission you may come and go as often as you would like. Your armbands will be good until Midnight. So if you leave at 3 pm and want to return at 9 pm, as long as your Armbands are still on your arms there is no additional charge.

How much is it for my baby?

For anyone who is not doing the rides, we are a FREE admission park. We do not recommend our rides for any child under 24 months. If your two year old only wants to do one carousel ride, it is $5 a ride. Speak with a manager if your child needs you to ride with them on one of our pre-school rides. So your baby is free, but if your toddler chooses to ride then they are a customer.

Does Fun Spot have a half day price option?

We have an Evening Special that starts at 9 PM each night. Our Single Day Passes go down to $30.00+tax to ride unlimited rides until we close.

Fun Spot America Theme Parks Drone Policy

All drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are prohibited at (in) all Fun Spot America Theme Parks. Any unauthorized drone(s) observed over any Fun Spot America Theme Park will be reported to the FAA and local law enforcement, regardless of its point of origin or operation. We promote safe-clean-fun at our parks and drones may pose a potential safety risk to our guests. Drones may also violate Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.


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