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What is a Chauffeur Pass?

A Chauffeur Pass is an armband we give FREE to adults (18+) that allows them to accompany a child under 54 inches on certain rides. This does not mean you can get on every single ride with your child as there are restrictions. If you purchase a Single Day Pass at Fun Spot (either the Fun Pass or Mega Fun Pass) for your child and they are under 54 inches, the accompanying adult gets a FREE Chauffeur Pass. (If you purchased your pass online, you will receive the Chauffeur Pass in-park at the gate.) Group packages are not eligible for a FREE Chauffer Pass.

If your child is a Season Passholder and is under 54″, then the accompanying adult also receives a FREE Chauffeur Pass.

At Fun Spot America, we go by height, not by age, for the safety of our guests. Each ride has a specific height requirement. If you meet the height requirement for a ride, you can ride by yourself without the assistance of an adult.

However, if you do NOT meet the height requirement of the ride, you cannot ride it until you meet the height requirement OR an adult can assist you if the ride is eligible.

Below are the height requirements at both parks. On certain rides, a child can ride with an adult if they do not meet the height requirement.



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