Height Requirement: 42”


$40 ea for single rider, $35 ea for double riders, $30 ea for triple riders.


Only $20 ea with purchase of a Single Day Pass!


For the ultimate thrill seeker!  Ride in groups of up to 3 people as you take flight on the World’s Second Tallest SkyCoaster at 250 ft. Get a great view of the Orlando area and experience the closest thing to jumping out of a plane besides jumping out of a plane.

Rip Curl

Height Requirement: 48”

Included in single day pass or pay as you go Fun E-Card Price: $6

This ride is one of a kind, with dips made especially for Fun Spot America. It will have you all squeezed out by the end. 1 to 3 people spin round and round as the music blasts and then begins again as it spins backwards too!


Height Requirement: 54”

Included in single day pass or pay as you go Fun E-Card Price: $6

Defy gravity and go upside down on the Enterprise! Begin parallel to the ground in your gondola as it spins and lifts upwards at a 90 degree angle, all without seatbelts, straps or restraints! It’s all about centrifugal force keeping you inside.

Space Invader

Coming soon to Orlando! The twin to our Hot Seat in Kissimmee, on this ride giant arms swing you back and forth until all you see is sky. Then you’re swung back so all you see is the ground rocketing past your face. You swing more than 180 degrees, past perpendicular, first on your back and then on your face!